The Acoustic Room - Solidarity Special

Vienna, Wien, Austria · Jetzt

Venue Details

Parhamerplatz 16, 1170 Vienna, Austria 01 4857680

Supporting Diversity

The Acoustic Room was set up to promote and support original music in Vienna. As well as create a space to play and explore new music the Acoustic Room has also become a hub for artists and musicians alike, bringing together people from all over the world. Celebrating diversity through music we are delighted to have been asked to be involved in this very special event.

As part of the we dedicate our music program to the solidarity and diversity of the five continents. Along with Jetzt who will share over the week, culinary and cultural special food and beverages, live Gigs, Dj- and Video-Specials from around the globe, The Acoustic Room would like to invite you to come and join us to celebrate diversity at this months event; in the most intimate of venues.

This month’s Acts at the Acoustic Room are:

Isaac Thompson, singer-songwriter born in Hawaii, fortunately made his way to Vienna, where he has been impacting and inspiring the open stage music scene as an exceptional talent for a long time. He presents his often very personal songs with his soulful, expressive voice with a lot of passion and 120% heart. The sparks jump over to his audience and you forget everything else quickly. With his loop station he skilfully reinterprets his energetic songs again and again.

Lucy Monroy was born in Germany and grew up in Guatemala. She found her love for singing very early on in life and has been singing ever since. Seva Mazurika was born in Ucraine. He is a guitar player in love with all genres of music, especially hip hop, jazz and blues. The two met in Jam Lab University and started making music together. They used to be in a band together called Mango Street. They still love to meet up for songwriting and making music.

Daniel Vezoja is a singer-songwriter from Slovenia. He started performing solo acoustic at an open mic in Dublin four years ago. He later recorded his debut album there with Gavin Glass and self-released it in December 2016. He’s been trying to gig as much as possible since and got to open for Lisa Hannigan, Damien Jurado, Chris Eckman.

Delta Blues crosses in a scabby way with the Tex-Mex-Aussie-roots of a reckless globetrotter. Somerset Barnard was touring through Australia and the USA before he decided to throw everything away and travel the world.

Somerset can be found playing anywhere from the streets of a Senegalese Village to the stage of An International Festival. His musical adventures have even led him to a play a part in a Bollywood Movie and work as a Sherpa in the Himalayas.

Now based in Vienna, his last album ‘The Atlas Moth’, released in February 2016, brings together influences from his four years of travelling. The exciting new album ‘Trains & Churches’ was recorded in January 2018 together with Austria’s music greats like Ernst Milden, Marlene Lacherstorfer und Ivo Thomann, all in analog at the Cselley Mühle in Burgenland, Austria.