Live from the U-Bahn (Spittelau)

Isaac Thompson

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Record Tracklist

  1. Out to the Desert (Live from the U-Bahn) -:-- / 3:54
  2. Something’s Changing (Live from the U-Bahn) -:-- / 4:42
  3. Run With Me (Live from the U-Bahn) -:-- / 6:06
  4. Put Your Faith in Me (Live from the U-Bahn) -:-- / 4:40
  5. All I Need Is You (Live from the U-Bahn) -:-- / 5:19
  6. It’s Amazing (Live from the U-Bahn) -:-- / 5:40
  7. Ask Somebody (Live from the U-Bahn) -:-- / 4:48
  8. Wild Wind (Live from the U-Bahn) -:-- / 5:01
  9. The Cage (Live from the U-Bahn) -:-- / 5:01
  10. Walk My Dog (Live from the U-Bahn) -:-- / 3:40
  11. God Healed Me (Live from the U-Bahn) -:-- / 5:32

I’ve been playing in Vienna’s subways for about three years now. It’s been an amazing and life changing experience and I’m really grateful to all the kind & wonderful people from all over the world I’ve met! Someone that stopped to listen one day asked me if I had a recording of “Out to the Desert” just like he was hearing me play it. I told him that I would work on it and decided it would be cool to try to record my live performances I was doing every day in the subways. So after a few months and a little trial and error I was able to collect so many recordings I could probably make an album per station 🙂 Since the best version of Out to the Desert was from the Spittelau, I collected all the recordings from that station and the result is this new live album of eleven songs. Some are older and many new ones but all of them are interpreted in a way that you’ve probably not heard them since I’ve also been experimenting with Live Looping! I pray you all enjoy it!